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If you’re a veterinary practice, charity or business looking to offer our services, look at how we can help you with our telehealth solutions.

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Keep Customers Happy with Our Services

Whether you want to increase your registered pets at your veterinary practice or offer alternative home services, Vetfone is here to help and support your customers. We provide solutions to benefit the membership, insurance and charity brands and businesses nationwide.

At Vetfone, we understand the importance of supporting the rehoming process, preventing unnecessary insurance claims and offering additional membership benefits. That’s why we provide a range of advice and support services. We aim to support the veterinary industry wherever possible.

White-Labelled Telehealth Support

Research shows that pet owners’ top concern is what to do when something is wrong with their pets. At Vetfone, we’re here to help by offering advice and support on the next steps.

Pet Insurer Telehealth Support

As the frequency and quantity of claims rise, our work at Vetfone allows businesses and professionals to reduce unnecessary vet trips and insurance claims significantly.

Pet Charity Support

Rehoming an animal is an expensive undertaking for a charity. We provide ongoing support for owners who have rehomed a pet and charity members through our services and solutions.

Excellent veterinary expertise
Provide peace of mind
Superb customer service
Increased sales and renewals
Excellent value for money
Regular support and advice

As competition for pet owners’ business is growing steadily, high value solutions for membership services are critical to their success and growth. With research showing one of the top concerns pet owners have is what to do when something is wrong with their pet, Vetfone is here to help.

With over 20 years of experience, we can decrease the number of trips required to veterinary practices. By calling our team first, members can save time, cost and stress with our services and advice.

It’s always an emotional time when your pet is ill; having 24/7/365 access to our services can offer your membership clients peace of mind for their pets and better value.

RCVS registered Vets and Nurses
Decrease in emergency appointments
Reduced insurance claims
Avoid unnecessary trips to veterinary practices
Expert support and advice available
24/7/365 access to support and advice

As increasingly sophisticated treatment methods increase, veterinary fee inflation is occurring for pet owners nationwide. Combined with the frequency and quantity of claims rising, there is increased pressure on the viability of insurance products.

Your policyholder pets will be triaged using evidence-based clinical pathways and offered the most appropriate advice for their pet’s condition. This often allows them to avoid unnecessary out-of-hours vet visits.

Opt to include our 24/7/365 access to an expert for your insurance owners, giving them peace of mind and improved perceptions of your customer service. Start offering veterinary support and advice in line with your policy wording today.

Post rehoming support
Increase staff retention
Reduce veterinary hospital footfall
High quality veterinary service
Reduced charity costs
Rehome more animals

Busy charity hospital waiting rooms and low staff morale are becoming more prevalent throughout the UK than ever. Having more patients than you have scope to treat can cause poor customer service impressions and even lower donations.

Offering our services to your charity donors, we can help you provide a ‘first port of call’ for pet owners eligible for charitable veterinary treatment. By reducing the number of unnecessary hospital visits by up to 66%, we can help you improve staff retention and rehoming donations.

With ongoing support from our services, “return to kennel” rates can be reduced by up to 40%. Rehomers are more likely to consider becoming future donors, and your charity can increase the number of pets it supports each year.

A proud part of The Vet Connection brand

Working closely within The Vet Connection group, we can continue to provide our veterinary expertise and knowledge to support pet owners, businesses and charities nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Vetfone do?

At Vetfone, we use a bespoke IT system to support and advise pet owners and veterinary professionals throughout the UK and English speaking countries. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, our veterinary experts work around the clock to provide our services.

Whether you’re looking for phone, video or live chat support, our expert team is here to assist you. Advanced telehealth support options are available, and we communicate in a way that best suits each client.

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