As we all know, Christmas is a time for giving and if you’re a lover of animals, whether big small, furry or scaly, it might also be a time to start thinking about what animal charity to support. Whether you’re giving an animal charity donation as a gift or just because you want to give back to a cause you feel strongly about, it’s important to carefully consider which charity you choose to give to. A few questions to ask before making your donation:

  • Is the charity registered?
  • What percentage of your donation will go to helping animals and how much to internal and marketing costs. Aliveandgiving is a great website for checking up on charities.
  • Is it a cause you feel passionate about? For example, are you passionate about dogs? Or perhaps you want to help animals in your region by supporting a local charity.
  • Are you interested in receiving regular updates? Some charities are great at updating you on where your donation is going.


The RSPCA One of the UK’s most popular charities for good reason. The RSPCA do very good work all over the country, working across the board to improve animal welfare, not only via their animal welfare officers who work on specific animal cruelty cases, but also by attempting to make lasting change by lobbying and pushing for law changes. A good all round animal charity to support!

Blue Cross Another quite broad charity is Blue Cross. They focus specifically on pet welfare. Their work spans across re-homing of neglected pets, providing veterinary treatment to pets who’s owners can’t afford the bills, they educate by offering nationwide workshops on responsible pet ownership and much more.

Born Free Occupying a very different but equally as important space in the animal charity space, Born Free is an international charity working to protect endangered species in the wild. Campaigns include saving African elephants, adopting a tiger in the wild and many more.

National Animal Welfare TrustOne of the UK’s biggest animal charities, the NAWT operates five re-homing centres in the south of England. The charity focuses on helping families who can no longer look after their pets, re-homing them with new and well-matched owners.

PDSA – The PDSA is the UK’s leading vet charity. The PDSA aim to improve pet well-being around the country in a number of ways. They have 51 pet hospitals and 380 plus pet practices where they carry out life-saving operations and improve the lives of animals in need. Their vets and experts aim to lead pet related debates and educate owners. –